Medical Towers at Mueller

Austin, TX 78723

Property Description:

Located in Mueller, Austin, Texas. Mueller is a modern planned community that is home to many young families. The eco-conscious mixed-use development includes singlefamily homes and apartment complexes as well as chain retailers and restaurants, plus offices and film studios.

  • 10,000 sq. ft. with future Ambulatory Surgery Center

Over the last year thousands of social media posts were posted disparaging me, my family, and my business. These false posts included horrific accusations of illegal conduct and caused irreparable financial harm to my existing and future business relationships. Thankfully, the perpetrator of these criminal acts has been apprehended and the false social media posts have stopped. The difficult journey to rebuild my personal and professional reputation has just begun. I am grateful to the FBI, The Department of Justice, my attorney, and my loving family for their unwavering assistance during this difficult time.  Through the unimaginable pain I have found peace, perseverance, and strength through the presence of God and my church family at Real Life Church and The Church of Whitestone.  

This is not the end…but the start of something new.

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